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Welcome everyone to a very special episode of the Report.  Some times ramblings on Twitter can have some very pleasant consequences.  Hence my eventual interview with the Creator of Novel Comics and author of his newest creation, Outbreak Mutiny.

Meet Jay Sandlin aka “Super Nova”

Jay Sandlin is the founder and creator of The Novel Comics.  He is a living archive of historical trivia, popular culture, and useless knowledge.  He is Masters student at the University of North Alabama with a concentration in Oral History and Mythology of ancient cultures.  Most Noteworthy he is the author of Outbreak Mutiny.  How about that for some copy and paste bullshit? Right?

What the back of his book WON’T tell you is that he is one helluva cool dude.  Jay is a big ass nerd, just like you and I.  Jay is fanatical Star Wars geek.  He runs his own YouTube channel on the subject to prove it.  Jay is quick witted and further more and most importantly, hes funny. You Don’t believe me?  Check out his twitter page for more proof.    So how did he get the nick name Super Nova?  Stay tuned true believers.

Alternate History.  With Superheroes


December 31, 1929, was day the lived in infamy.  A war between extraordinary beings with superpowers ended in DEFEAT for the United States and her Allies.  Darkness fell on a Golden Age of heroes at the hands of the REICH.

Ten Years later, all still mourn the anniversary of the day the Reich seized control during the Operation TripleReich.  Life is a struggle for the Remnant States occupying the middle of the Old US.

A virus in the Chicago Zone reignites the conflict between good and evil as the Outbreak Mutineers gather to stop the Plague’s Deadly origins.

Join the Outbreak Babies- Clockwork, Atlas, and more – as they battle the Warlords of Reich.  Their adventures stretch across the years and through the sewers, high-seas, and even a city park.  No matter the time or place, live free or die in changes!

OK, enough of the inside jacket bullshit BD!  I get it guys, you are right.  Who better to tell the joist of the book other then the writer himself?  I struggle writing this blog post!  Jeez!

A Meathead and an Author walk into a bar….

No better way for me to summarize our conversation in the podcast.  Just two nerds talking about some very serious Bullshit.  The book is amazing, and for .99 on Amazon, you cant beat it.  If you enjoy  this podcast half as much as i did recording it, I’ve won.

HUGE shout out to my homie, Ray of The Naked Porch Podcast for setting Jay and I up for this fantastic interview. enjoy!

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