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Welcome to a very special episode of the Report this week.  I apologize for the hiatus, but between the Meatheads on Movie show and Derby week, I’ve been a little busy.  But I’m So glad to be with you today because A LOT is going on!  On the show today-



Wonder Woman First Thoughts

I went to see Wonder Woman on Opening night in 3 D.  I just wanted to share my initial thoughts before Big Sam and I break it down on Meatheads on Movies ( coming soon! ).  The movie is thoroughly enjoying.  If you would told me 12 months ago I would like a movie about Wonder Woman as much as i did last night, i would have told you that your dick was loose!  Great action, solid story, and spot on acting from entire cast as given DC Films its first critically acclaimed hit movie.  Lets face it DC needed a win here.  Huge Movie for them going forward.  Now lets not get it twisted; Its not the best DC movie to date.  I repeat- Its not the best DC movie to date ( for me anyway. ).  Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice were better movies as a whole for me.  The reasons i will thoroughly discuss on Meatheads on Movies Wonder Woman Review show.

Deathstroke Needs Your Help?

Manu Bennett is petitioning Warner Bros to give him his own CW spin off series based on his Deathstroke character from Arrow.  Huh….yes please!!  He has taken to twitter to motivate the fans to pressure the studio to make it happen.  I’m all over that shit.   Manu, if you hire me as your personal trainer like you said you would at Wizard World Louisville! Here is the Link to help ole Stroke out.


Lebanon Bans Wonder Woman?


Wonder Woman is setting records as you read this at the box office.  One market it wont get a dime in ( legally anyway ) is in Lebanon.  They have banned the movie because, I’m assuming with the war against the Israelis , they don’t want a movie with a bad ass ex Israeli solider going about righting wrongs and kicking ass. I know how about we let the people decide what THEY want to watch you pricks?  I hope Gail Gadot kicks all your asses.


Gotham Goes Bat…Owlman?!

One of THE COOLEST things i read this week was theory on the direction the the ABC show Gotham maybe taking ( not likely but awesome nevertheless. ), therefore If your a fan of the show you realize they have really taken some liberties with the canon that we are all accustom to.   Well now there may be a method to the madness.  If your familiar with Earth-3 and in addition to the  Injustice League you will want to click the link. In conclusion: This is fucking awesome


Iron Fist Strikes again (This a good thing?)!

The turd nugget that Marvel threw at us threw our Netflix app is coming back around with a Season 2.  I’m not sure even Marvel in all their infinite wisdom can save this character after the butchering they gave him the first time around, but i will try to stay positive and open minded due to the fact I’m still a huge fan of the character.  Good luck Marvel.  You’ll need it.


To The Defense of Zack Synder


Zack Synder recently step away from Justice League due to fact that his daughter had committed suicide last year.  He had thought throwing himself into work would help him cope but now has decided to be with his family during this period.  Please listen to the episode to witness my verbal assault about the lack of support the comic book / DC community has shown Zack during this time.  Joss Whedon will be stepping to finish the re shoots of JL.


The Watchmen Enter The DC Universe!  Didn’t They?

Please listen as i break down the Batman/Flash Crossover “The Button” story.  This review is all four books and tell you why this story is better IGN would have you think. We didn’t receive the Watchmen like promised, but i think we may have gotten way more then we realize.  The Batman / Thomas Wayne stuff is fucking gold.  Love the feedback guys!


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