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Meatheads on Movies review of Logan

SNIKT, SNAKT, SNIKETY-SNIKT! Welcome to the Meatheads on Movies review of “Logan” – Good Ol’ BDR and his sidekick Big Sam, are here to drop some motha fuckin’ knowledge on your asses! They’re gonna tear into this movie, Weapon X-style, and let you know their thoughts on this incredible film. The guys are gonna start strong and then go full tilt into their high-energy review of Logan. From character study, to action, to violence, to fan service this movie has got it all and the Meatheads are gonna tell you all about it!

This movie should be on every comic geek’s“ top 5” list. This IS the Wolverine movie we’ve been waiting 17 years for.  This movie, much like the movies “ Unforgiven” and “Batman Begins”, transcends your typical “Comic book” movie. It is a character study of Logan, that is at times gut wrenching and magical all at the same time.

The dynamic between Professor X and Logan, as they both physically decline, is some of the best I’ve seen in a movie in recent history. Logan plays the reluctant caregiver to his mentor, but is it out of love or guilt that Logan does this?  Does he feel obligation to Charles for everything he’s done for him in the past while still carrying animosity towards him for killing the x men? Listen as Big Sam and I debate this very hotly contested issue

The other pairing that the movie does so well is the Logan/ X23 relationship. Dafen Keen is utterly fantastic in you limited script, but finds a way to portray this formidable weapon with a sense of vulnerability through the use of grunts and glares.  Logan begin the ever reluctant parent figure is slow to show any kind of affection toward Laura, which is where she shines.  The looks she would give him as he walks away are the sad looks of a young girl desperately seeking the love of a father figure.

Ok. Now to the good shit!

 The fight scenes: Some of the best we’ve seen in any superhero movie. The Violence is brutal and gratuitous, but it fits perfectly with the tone and character of this movie. I myself was very pessimistic about they would pull off this very tiny girl as being a death machine as X-23 is know to be in the comics.  James Mangold pulls it off perfectly. The opening scene where I seen what Laura can do- all my reservations when away quickly!  

We finally get berserker Wolverine!

The R rating really allows to see our favorite killing machine in action. The Reavers and Donald Pierce ( Boyd Holbrook ), their field general are a little one dimensional but that’s ok. Holbrook especially brings a “Doc Holiday” quality to Pierce character that makes him likable and terrifying all at the same time. The toned down Reavers ( from their comic counterparts) were a good choice as well. Menacing but still rooted in reality.  

Logan’s last scene

Logan’s last scene is one Big Sam and I deconstruct because initially it meant different things to us. We discuss in depth in the episode.

Logan is an incredible journey from start to gut wrenching finish. I will rank in my Top 3 superhero movies of all time and top movies of all time. The “rewatch ability will be tough for me though just because of the shear heartbreak I feel for Logan, Xavier and Laura through the entire movie. I will rewatch “Logan” ( probably several times ) although it probably bee with a lump in my throats and a small tear in my eye.

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Thanks you guys for listening to our review and please tune in for more Meatheads on Movies and Checkout my comic book news and reviews show, the Blazing Defender Report. Peace!

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Host: Travis Jones
Sidekick: Big Sam
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom

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